Child Legacy Donation – Hydrate 15 Pack

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Donation for Charity Child Legacy. By buying this item you will be donating 1 Kids Nutrition to Child Legacy. This item will not be shipped to you as it is a donation.
1 Bag containing 15 sticks

When you are thirsty, you’re already slightly dehydrated, and your body is lacking the water it needs to function properly. Hydrate delivers a carefully researched blend of vital electrolytes, antioxidants, MCT’s, vitamins and minerals to protect the body from the harmful effects of dehydration.*

Is it okay for kids to drink Hydrate?

Yes. Hydrate is a blend of essential minerals and electrolytes that is safe for children and adults.

Why is Hydrate better than other sports drinks I can buy?

It provides all the essential nutrients without all the added sugar.

How often can I take Hydrate?

It depends on the person. A properly hydrated person would most likely need one serving in a day. Because 75% of Americans are dehydrated on a regular basis, it’s recommended you use Hydrate at least two times per day.

How much sugar is in Hydrate?

There is no sugar in Hydrate. It is naturally sweetened with Stevia.

What are the natural fruit flavors in Hydrate?

The Fruit Punch flavor consists of cherry, berry and pineapple. The Mango Passion flavor consists of mango and passion fruit. The Grape flavor consists of grape.


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