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Dating and Relationship Coaching - Pre-Questionnaire

In this exercise, you will need to look inward. It is not intuitive to do this. We want to look outward because we think our partner is the source of our pain. Our default position is to spin things, so it’s not our ‘fault.’ In so doing, we avoid looking at ourselves and miss opportunities to know and heal ourselves and our pain. We also never learn to express ourselves honestly, cleanly, and transparently to our partners. So, it’s time now to look at yourself only, to get clear about what you want, and to express it clearly so you can grow towards the kind of relationship partner you want.

There's more than one credit scoring model available and more than one range of scores. However, most credit score ranges are similar to the following:

800 To 850:

Excellent - Low-risk borrowers

740 To 799:

Very good - Positive credit behavior

670 To 739:

Good - Acceptable or lower-risk borrowers

580 To 669:

Fair - Considered "subprime" borrowers

300 To 579:

Poor - Difficulty being approved for new credit

(Why do we ask this question? We ask because most people desire this in a partner but lack this in their life. This is thought-provoking, saying the least!)

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